Different Types of Gutter Guards

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Different Types of Gutter Guards

It’s no surprise that weather can be rough on your home – rain, leaves, and more make their way into gutters. To protect against these elements and reduce the need for gutter maintenance, homeowners should consider installing a guard system!

But with so many options available – foam guards made of polyurethane; mesh screens made from aluminum or plastic; reverse-curve style which relies on gravity to sweep off debris – it can be tough to decide what kind you’ll use. Before making any decisions regarding such an important part of protecting your property this season, take some time to familiarize yourself with all the different guard systems out there: they may not all look alike but one thing’s certain — each offers its own unique benefits when safeguarding against Mother Nature’s wrath!

Here are a few different types of gutter guards you can install.

Foam Gutter Guards

Foam Gutter Guards are a preferred choice for those seeking an easy installation process. However, using foam as the guard material isn’t without its drawbacks – these guards typically wear down quickly and permit shingle granules to pass through them into your gutter system; resulting in long-term build up over time.

Bottle Brush Guards

Keep your gutters free of leaves and debris with bottle brush guards! These lightweight yet heavy-duty bristles fit snuggly into gutter channels, warding off unwanted leaf accumulation. Although there may be difficulty removing stuck vegetation from time to time, this type of guard is an effective way for homeowners to maintain clear rainwater drainage systems without breaking the bank.

Perforated Metal Guards

Perforated metal guards are an effective method of reducing the amount of debris that can enter your gutters. However, these sturdy protectors cannot stop smaller objects such as seeds and pods from getting through to clog up drainage systems, potentially resulting in overflowing water if not regularly maintained.

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

Stop worrying about the debris in your gutters with micro mesh gutter guards! These tiny, barely visible holes are so small that they will keep dirt and other material out while still allowing water to flow through. The stainless steel construction makes these sturdy and dependable – perfect for protecting your property from damage caused by clogged up gutters.

Reverse Curve/Surface Tension Gutter Guards

Keep those pesky leaves and debris from clogging up your gutters with reverse curve/surface tension gutter guards! Not only do they protect the health of your home’s drainage system, but their sleek design makes them visually appealing as well. Professional installation is typically recommended to ensure that these leaf guards are correctly placed along the roof line. The problem you will run into with the reverse curve gutter guards is that they need to lift roof shingles to be installed. This can cause some damage. In addition, you can see the gutter guards from the ground, which may change your home’s aesthetics.

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