Types Of Gutter Guards

One Gutter Guard Installation

To protect your home from the rain and leaves of a bad winter, it’s essential for you to install gutter guards. However, there’s one thing you need to bear in mind before doing so – all gutter guards are not equal! There are various purposes of installing gutter guards including preventing debris and leaves from getting into the gutter, channeling water, and reducing the need for gutter maintenance. This is why there are multiple gutter guard options that homeowners have to choose from.

Here are a few different types of gutter guards you can install.

Foam Gutter Guards

These popular types of gutter guards are made out of porous polyurethane. This type is inserted directly into the gutter in a rather simple manner. The foam of the gutter guard allows the water to flow smoothly through the gutter. However, the problem with this guard is that the foam not only begins to deteriorate quite early but it also allows shingle granules to pass through and accumulate at the bottom of the gutter.

Bottle Brush Guards

Bottle brush guards are an inexpensive type of gutter guard that is made of heavy-duty bristles. This guard is inserted inside the gutter as its bristles help prevent the accumulation of leaves and debris. However, the issue with this type of gutter guard is that the leaves tend to build-up and stick to the bristles.

Perforated Metal Guards

Perforation metal guards are placed under roof shingles to cover the gutter. While they are pretty effective at keeping out leaves, they can’t keep out seeds, pods, and needles. Moreover, as small debris lodges itself into the perforations, the chances of water overflowing increase incredibly as it cannot get through to the gutter below.

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

Mesh gutter guards are manufactured using fine mesh. These gutter guards help counteract the problems that you may face with perforated metal guards. Micro mesh guards contain such tiny holes that they are barely even visible. Moreover, these guards are manufactured using stainless steel that helps keep the debris out.

These were just a few types of gutter guards that you can consider. The micro mesh guards are often considered to be the best type of gutter protection as they help keep the gutters unclogged and clean.

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