3 Reasons Why You Should Never Clean Your Gutters Yourself

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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Clean Your Gutters Yourself

Cleaning your gutters may seem like a simple task, but it’s not as easy or safe as you might think. While the average homeowner can clean their gutters, there are many reasons why it’s best to hire a professional gutter cleaning service instead.

Reason 1: Unpredictable Weather Conditions – One of the biggest reasons why you should never clean your own gutters is due to unpredictable weather conditions. During the winter months, temperatures in the north can drop well below freezing, making it dangerous and uncomfortable to be outside cleaning your gutters in the first place! Furthermore, storms can arrive unexpectedly and put you at risk of being struck by lightning or other inclement weather.

Reason 2: Risk of Injury – Cleaning your gutters also puts you at risk for injury due to the height and difficulty involved in the task. You will need to climb up on a ladder or scaffolding and reach out above your head to access parts of the gutter system that are otherwise inaccessible from ground level. This makes it difficult to keep balance on the ladder and greatly increases your chances of slipping or falling off while attempting to clear debris out of the gutter.

Reason 3: Inadequate Equipment – Another reason why you should never clean your own gutters is that you may not have all the necessary equipment at hand to do an effective job. Professional gutter cleaners will come equipped with everything they need—including ladders, buckets, hose pipes, gloves, and protective clothing—in order to safely and effectively complete the task without causing any damage or harm.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why hiring a professional gutter cleaning service is preferable over attempting DIY gutter cleaning yourself. Not only does it reduce your risk for injury or property damage due to unpredictable weather conditions or inadequate equipment but also saves time and money by preventing costly repairs down the line that could have been avoided had you sought help from a professional in the first place! So if you find yourself needing help with gutter cleaning this season, be sure to contact a reliable local contractor before attempting this job yourself!

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